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Olivella® is a line of natural skin care products based on 100% Virgin Olive Oil. By re-discovering the traditions of the olive oil refining patented process and incorporating 100% virgin olive oil in each of our products, we work to help you to be better and healthier, by providing the purity of our natural ingredients. The legendary stories of olive oil for skin care are timeless with their origins dating back to early Greek and Roman civilizations. For centuries, olive oil has been used worldwide to cleanse and condition all skin types. Olive oil is recognized as the oldest natural skin care product on the market today. Olivella®'s skin care products are of the highest quality and contain anti-aging benefits and natural antioxidants. We are strongly passionate about natural skin care. And we rely on mother nature's ingredients to create the products which clean and nourish the body. We combine natural elements (thanks to our laboratories and to the Istituto Acidi Grassi in Milan, ITALY) to create our entire line of products for cleaning your hair, face and body.




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