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OLIVELLA Cosmetics OLIVELLA Cosmetics


Hair Care Products (4)

Keep your hair clean and shiny with our line of natural hair olive oil shampoo. The Olivella olive oil shampoo and olive oil conditioner leave you feeling as if you just left the salon.

OLIVELLA Face Care (6)

Face Care Line by Olivella includes anti-wrinkle cream, contour eye cream, facial cream, moisturizer, and everything is totally natural. Based in 100% olive oil, the nourishment it provides for our one-of-a-kind face care line will leave you feeling amazing. The olive oil facial creams benefits are endless and we hope you agree.

Shower Gels (6)

Start each day fresh with our Olivella Bath & Shower Gels. Our line of olive oil based Bath & Shower Gels leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to face your day. The Olivella Bath & Shower Gels are all made from 100% Olive Oil from Italy which creates a rich cleansing lather providing moisturizing benefits for your skin.

Olivella Soaps (13)

Olive Oil Bar Soaps are back in vogue, but according to us, they never went out of style. In fact Allure magazine voted our classic bar soap No. 1. Now we have many other scents for you to choose from, all made from 100% virgin olive oil. Olive oil bar soaps are based on natural ingredients; paraben free, no chemicals, no colorants. Ideal for every skin type, our Olivella olive oil bar soaps replenish the moisture and nutrients to your skin.

OLIVELLA Exfoliating Soaps (3)

Olivella® Exfoliating Soaps have 100%, natural ingredients just as you have come to expect from Olivella® and in addition, both products contain Mint Essential Oil which is an excellent way to sooth inflamed skin and also provides general overall wellness. This exfoliating scrub effect of the crushed Apricot seeds, combined with the natural antioxidants of the Virgin Olive Oil is ideal to ease the effects of both psoriasis and eczema.

Skin Care (14)

Olivella Skincare maximizes the benefits of 100% virgin olive oil in our face & body products to give your skin the nutrients it needs. Olivella Skincare products include body lotion, hand cream and olive oil moisturizer among others. Olivella skincareproducts are all based in 100% olive oil and provide the best natural ingredients to help you feel young and fresh.

Baby & Mom (5)

Welcome to our Baby & Mom line; the Olivella products are based in pure virgin olive oil, made especially for infants, toddlers and expectant mothers. This baby care line provides you with bar soaps, baby oil essence and stretch mark creams that you will feel safe and effective in cleaning and moisturizing the new addition to your family.

Lip Roll-Ons (3)

Keep your lips moist and refreshed with our new Olivella® Lip Roll-ons, made with 100% natural ingredients, including our signature 100% virgin olive oil. In three great scents: Limoncello, Mint and Chamomile, each one leaves your lips emollient. The moisturizing benefits are those you have come to expect from Olivella®, try all three to discover your favorite.



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